DIY Halloween

DIY Halloween

  • Alisha Myers

We all love Halloween, but we are not going to spend a fortune on a costume that you wear for less than 24 hours! So if you happen to have any of these cute shoes, throw together an outfit, and you have yourself an easy DIY costume!

1st Costume: CHILL PILL

Take a chill pill because this costume is SO simple, and it can be created in under 10 minutes! All you need is a white shirt, any kind of pink skirt, and truly any Black/White/Gray shoe will work perfect. Just cut out the word "Chill" in paper or felt and stick it to your outfit! We tried out 3 super cute shoes that we absolutely LOVE with this outfit!

The first shoe is Norri - a black bootie with a sparkly heel! One of our favorite booties on our whole site! The glitter just adds something fun. The second option you can try is Edie - a polka dot flat. This polka dot flat brings together the whole outfit by adding a pop in the shoe! Super simple, and us girls always have flats at home! 

And the last option you might have at home is our Berg heel - okay probably our FAV with this outfit! The silver is just so perfect, I don't even have words. We loooove the metallic look with this outfit! It's a small heel, so it's perfect for going out on Halloween and still being comfortable.


2nd Costume: 80'S LOOK

YAS QUEEN. Rock the 80's look, because we all know it's secretly one of our favorites! Colorful, fun, bright = the perfect costume. Throw together a neon shirt and some colorful leggings for a simple 80's look, and add in some crazy bows or headbands and some funky shoes and you're good to go! 

The shoes we have picked for this outfit are Melor and Clayre. Melor just speaks for itself when you have silver metallic flowers in a tennis shoe. Hello funky! And Clayre is just a classic favorite with the faux leather look and a tennis shoe wedge. That screams rockstar to us! Take a look how we styled them!


3rd Costume: STRAWBERRY

Okay is this not the CUTEST strawberry you've ever seen? Yes, we're obsessed. And guess how easy it is?! So easy! Pick out any red dress you have and cut out little teardrops and stick them onto the dress! We also cut out green pieces of felt and hot glued them together to make the top of the strawberry. This masterpiece only took 10 minutes to create, and you will look so cute this Halloween! Add any Green shoe you have to complete the look! Check it out.

We used our Harriet Sandal and the Lacey Wedge. 



4th Costume: BARBIE

What girl dreamed of being a Barbie for Halloween? EVERY GIRL THAT EVER LIVED. Yes we are making your dreams come true with this Barbie outfit. It's so perfect and literally so easy! Find any hot pink top you have and add a black skirt to it and BOOM - almost done. Cut out the barbie letters and attach them to your top, and then grab some sunnies and a cute purse and you are done! 

We've added some sultry black booties and hot pink heels that would be perfect for any Barbie look. The Layne heel is Hot Pink and could not be any more perfect for this outfit, and the Liddy Black booties have perfect silver buckle accents and a pointed toe for a sophisticated Barbie look.



I've seen this costume recreated again and again, and we want to give you a super simple version that you can easily make at home! An all black outfit with red heels - a simple look that can be made from your closet. We have taken a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a leather jacket to create Sandy. And we added the cutest bold red shoes to go with it! 

Salest is a favorite of ours with the bold, bright red slide with a cute ruffle on top and a small heel. Or you can spice it up with Pavo, our strappy heel! This heel is so easy because it Velcros. Can I get a hallelujah? Yes, so easy with open toe slip-on shoes, and you'll look like Sandy in minutes! 


6th Costume: ICE CREAM CONE

Hello favorite costume ever. This costume was actually pretty easy to put together! All you need is a white dress, Popsicle sticks, a brown piece of paper, and white shoes! You need to color the Popsicle sticks whatever color you want, and then roll the piece of paper together and staple it for the cone. You can then attach the sticks to the dress and there you have it! You're an ice cream cone. 

This outfit is so fun, and you can wear whatever white shoes you have, and it'll look perfect. We used the Yung heel and Camden wedge. Such cute options for an ice cream! Take a look!


So if you are a DIY lover, and a Halloween lover, then these costumes are meant for you! Throw them together under 10 minutes, and tag Brinleyco or use the hashtag #brinleybabe so we can see you in your cute costumes!